Our Mission

At TechTogether, we believe in the power of hackathons as an agent of exploration and change. The impact of hackathons should not be understated. Hackathons provide individuals exposure and access to unique opportunities. From introductions to new technologies to creating lasting friendships, these experiences are trajectory changing for many.

For this reason, we founded TechTogether with the mission of ending the hacker gender gap in technology. In 2018, only 20% of hackathon participants identified as women. Our aim is to increase this percentage by equipping individuals with the resources, funding, and mentorship to host TechTogether hackathons around the globe.

Executive Team

Fiona Whittington
Executive Director
Sreeya Sai
Chief Business Officer
Lisa Vu
Chief Financial Officer
Belle Verhulst
Chief Marketing Officer
Carol Liang
Director of Business Development
Eva Lynch
Marketing Intern

Board of Directors

Nicole Gilmore
COO, Savanna Technologies
Christoper Scranton
Director of Nonprofit & Government Partnerships at Jobcase
Helen Bui
Business Builder,
Women in STEM Advocate
Colleen Grant
Global Campus Recruiting Manager, Hubspot

Board of Advisors

Holly St. Clair
Chief Digital Officer, Executive Office of Technology Services and Security
Bobbie Carlton
Founder, Innovation Women
David Delmar
Founder & Executive Director, Resilient Coders
Alicia Mullen
Founder and Principal, Washing Pond Ventures
Zach Latta
Founder & Executive Director of Hack Club
Miriam Cutler
President, Cutler Development Corp.
Kyle Suero
MLH Coach
Sanil Chawla
Founder & Executive Director, Hack+