Our Mission

Redefining the Hacker Stereotype

TechTogether, the nation's largest initiative to address the gender inequities in the hackathon community, supports over 10,000 hackers. TechTogether is credited in part with increasing the representation of women and non-binary people in the hackathon community by 18% to 39% from 2019 to 2020. (Source: MLH 2020 State of the League Report)

Since we were founded in 2017, TechTogether has served over 4,700 people of marginalized genders through our annual gender-focused hackathons hosted across the country. On average, 50% of our hackers have never attended a hackathon before. TechTogether serves people of marginalized genders, this includes transgender women, cisgender women, transgender men, non-binary individuals, and all gender identities which have been systematically oppressed by those in power throughout history.

TechTogether started in 2017 as SheHacks, the 2nd largest all-female hackathon in the world with 800 attendees. Due to the success of SheHacks, the team created a unique model that made it easier for student groups to host similar hackathons across the country. This model has increased the accessibility of gender-focused hackathons and tripled our initial impact. TechTogether currently has 6 chapters in Boston, New York, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago, and Miami with plans to expand internationally.

TechTogether was the first gender-focused hackathon to adopt gender-inclusive language and policies. Our organization continues to advocate and work with other gender-focused hackathons to adopt similar changes.

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