Success Stories

Kyriana Garcia

"My greatest take away from this hackathon is that nothing is impossible. When I first came into HobbyHacks, I felt like I could never learn python and that creating a business was unfathomable. However, after attending this hackathon, my confidence has grown in every aspect possible."

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Ronisha Genwright

"Last month, I attended HobbyHacks hosted by TechTogether. This was my first virtual hackathon, which also happened to be my first hackathon ever. Throughout the event, I felt anxious, nervous, excited, and curious. This event was definitely an experience of a lifetime."

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Mariko (Mari) Woodworth

"As a girl interested in STEM, I’ve always felt imposter syndrome regarding careers in tech and constantly underestimated myself. However, when I attended HobbyHacks last month, I was surprised to find a safe space for all hackers — even those who were beginners, like me."

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Jamie Dela Cruz

"It really is true that you get out what you put in. No matter what your skill level is, don’t feel pressured to craft your hackathon experience in a certain way. Everyone is on a different path, and your learning style will probably be different from the learning style of the next coder."

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