Success Stories

Neala Mendoza

"TechTogether proved that anyone with any background can learn and create a project."

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Guadalupe Medina

"I remember the first-ever hackathon that I attended was TechTogether New York and it really helped take the fear away from hackathons because of the amazing community and my team."

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Malak Abdeldayem

"At PreHacks New York, I gained a better understanding of hackathons and gained confidence in my computer science skills. In fact, I was even more prepared for my second hackathon than my first one. This encouraged me to sign up for Tech Together New York."

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Savannah Hirschi

"Other hackathons I have attended in the past have made me feel very stressed or anxious about timelines or competing, but this hackathon lets me focus on learning new things and connecting with amazing other individuals just like me."

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Damilola Awofisayo

"I’m not exaggerating when I say it seems like I learned more on the weekend of TechTogether Boston than I did in my first CS class. I built my very first Flask backend, successfully used a very complicated API with an SDK (I didn’t even know what SDK meant!), not to mention I learned a lot about finance and investment (pretty useful skills you need as an adult)."

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Maria Paula Fernandez

"These three girls made me feel very empowered, and I quickly forgot my fears when first coming into the event...I invite all individuals, especially those who ever thought about participating in these events but chose not to because of fear of leaving their comfort zones, to attend the next TechTogether hackathon."

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Emily Cooper

"TechTogether completely changed my outlook on hackathons and has helped me gain confidence in both myself and my technical abilities."

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Ronisha Genwright

"Last month, I attended HobbyHacks hosted by TechTogether. This was my first virtual hackathon, which also happened to be my first hackathon ever. Throughout the event, I felt anxious, nervous, excited, and curious. This event was definitely an experience of a lifetime."

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Mariko (Mari) Woodworth

"As a girl interested in STEM, I’ve always felt imposter syndrome regarding careers in tech and constantly underestimated myself. However, when I attended HobbyHacks last month, I was surprised to find a safe space for all hackers — even those who were beginners, like me."

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Jamie Dela Cruz

"It really is true that you get out what you put in. No matter what your skill level is, don’t feel pressured to craft your hackathon experience in a certain way. Everyone is on a different path, and your learning style will probably be different from the learning style of the next coder."

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