TechTogether Miami

TechTogether Miami was TechTogether's fifth chapter location, opened in 2021 along with TechTogether Chicago.

TechTogether Miami is one of the few gender-focused hackathons located in Florida.

TechTogether Miami serves primarily high school, college, and bootcamp students in Florida state with a focus on Miami. The organizing team consists of students and residents from across Florida.

Guadalupe Medina

TechTogether Seattle 2021 Attendee

"I remember the first-ever hackathon that I attended was TechTogether New York and it really helped take the fear away from hackathons because of the amazing community and my team."

Neala Mendoza

TechTogether Seattle 2021 Attendee

"TechTogether proved that anyone with any background can learn and create a project."

TechTogether Seattle 2021 Attendee

“I love the TechTogether hackathons. I also went to TTNY and that was also a great experience like TTS. The workshops were so engaging and there were so many that you can just attend those if you would like. Everyone is also so welcoming and the environment is so nice.”
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TechTogether Miami 2021-2022

  • 402 Hackers
  • 1041 Applications
  • 56% First-time Hackers
  • $3k Prizes
  • 31 Projects
  • 93% of attendees would recommend the event to a friend.
  • Hosted Virtually

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TechTogether Miami 2022-2023

  • No information is available yet for TechTogether Miami's next hackathon.