TechTogether Boston

TechTogether Boston is one of TechTogether's largest and longest running hackathons. Since it's founding in 2018, TechTogether Boston has served a total of 3,002 people of marginalized genders through it's annual hackathons.

TechTogether Boston has inspired the creation of several gender-focused hackathons, including SharkHack and HackHer413.

TechTogether Boston serves primarily high school, college, and bootcamp students in the Greater Boston Area. The organizing team consists of leaders from Massachusetts.

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Damilola Awofisayo

TechTogether Boston 2021 Attendee

"I’m not exaggerating when I say it seems like I learned more on the weekend of TechTogether Boston than I did in my first CS class. I built my very first Flask backend, successfully used a very complicated API with an SDK (I didn’t even know what SDK meant!), not to mention I learned a lot about finance and investment (pretty useful skills you need as an adult)."

Emily Cooper

TechTogether Boston 2021 Attendee

"TechTogether completely changed my outlook on hackathons and has helped me gain confidence in both myself and my technical abilities."

Maria Paula Fernandez

TechTogether Boston 2021 Attendee

"These three girls made me feel very empowered, and I quickly forgot my fears when first coming into the event...I invite all individuals, especially those who ever thought about participating in these events but chose not to because of fear of leaving their comfort zones, to attend the next TechTogether hackathon."
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SheHacks 2017-2018

  • 800 Hackers
  • 13 Organizers
  • 50% First-time Hackers
  • 1866 Applications
  • $20k Prizes
  • 94 Projects
  • 50 Sponsors
  • 95.5% of participants said they would attend next year’s event
  • Hosted at Boston University

  • Featured in the New York Times, Times Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Washington Post, Daily mail, CBC Radio and BU Today.

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TechTogether Boston 2018-2019

  • 550 Hackers
  • 30 Organizers
  • 50% First-time Hackers
  • $22k Prizes
  • 106 Projects
  • 43 Sponsors
  • 90% of attendees submitted a project
  • Hosted at Boston University

  • Featured in the Boston Globe, BU Today, and Untold Business.

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TechTogether Boston 2019-2020

  • 560 Hackers
  • 25 Organizers
  • $20k Prizes
  • 82 Projects
  • 26 Sponsors
  • 70% of hackers submitted a project
  • Hosted at Boston University

  • On average, 80% of applicants had attended last year’s event.

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TechTogether Boston 2020-2021

  • 561 Hackers
  • 27 Organizers
  • 1161 Applications
  • 44% First-Time Hackers
  • $6k Prizes
  • 66 Projects
  • 23 Sponsors
  • 99% of attendees would recommend the event to a friend.
  • Hosted Virtually

  • 33% of TechTogether Boston 2021 organizers said they have gotten job offers from being a part of our organization.

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TechTogether Boston 2021-2022

  • 531 Hackers
  • 12 Organizers
  • 1489 Registrations
  • 51% First-Time Hackers
  • $4k Prizes
  • 43 Projects
  • 13 Sponsors
  • 96% of attendees would recommend the event to a friend.
  • Hosted Virtually

  • 72% of TechTogether Boston attendees said TechTogether Boston positively influenced their decision to pursue a employment opportunities in the tech industry.

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TechTogether Boston 2022-2023

  • No information is available yet for TechTogether Boston's next hackathon.

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